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CellCube intends to be a fully integrated producer of vanadium, vanadium electrolytes and vanadium redox flow batteries for the Energy Storage Market.

We've come a long way

From visionary research start-up to full-service technology provider

We put 15 years of research and development into the CellCube to provide you with a top-notch energy storage system. Our Vanadium-based technology is known to be state-of-the-art in the battery market. We are leading in the commercialization of sustainable storage solutions with more than 130 installations in the field. Customers all over the world have been successfully operating the CellCube for 10 years and above. Plus, the performance of the CellCube is still put under the microscope every single day in our own research facility. For more than 5 years now, the product has been running a continous test with undisturbed operation meanwhile reaching over 10,000 cycles, which is equivalent to 28 years of daily cyling.



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Innovation in the flow

Experience the power of redox flow technology.


Based on the vanadium redox flow technology, the CellCube allows for a clean, emission-free and fast energy supply at all times. A stable power supply,  in combination with renewable energy sources, is ensured at all times and in every climate zone. The use of vanadium electrolytes increases the safety and battery life. It is thus non-flammable and non-explosive and is not subject to any loss of reactive material. The CellCube allows a practically unlimited cyclization with up to 80% efficiency and a depth-discharging capacity of 100%. With its simple and independent scalability in power output and storage capacity, the CellCube is already over 130 units in operation for individual industrial applications, to even out load peaks, for e-mobility solutions, for off-grid applications and for microgrid power supply in regions without a stable power grid.

Providing a number 1 service

We are delivering a turn-key solution with top quality service.


World-wide service    coverage

No matter how remote your location is we gladly service your CellCube for you.


Premium maintenance packages

You choose your level of required maintenance depending on your own technical capabilities.


Real-time monitoring interfaces

No matter how remote your location is we gladly service your CellCube for you.



How many deployments does CellCube have in absolute terms?

We have more than 110 CellCube deployments globally to date. 


We started selling our CELLCUBE branded ESS systems in 2008 and while the first years (until around 2010/11) the main customer focus was on technology proof and application specific demo/pilot projects we have around 30% of the installed base in early adopter but commercial use. Since then we were successful in commercial driven BtM projects, primarily in DER applications (mainly EU, Solar plus storage as demand charge and high energy price reduction). We have further systems deployed from Siberia to Vietnam to Australia and South Africa in microgrids (either grid connected or DG+solar+storage hybrids).

On the other hand, our larger unit installments (200kW to 500kW, 3-8h duration) serve in grid pilot projects at major European utilities (applications: FR/PCR, voltage/grid-quality support, capacity mkt, and community size microgrids). We calculate a combined 3M+ operational hour experience in the installed base.

Can you consider CellCube a one stop shop, being the first miner of vanadium that also packages that material into a storage product?

Correct, CellCube Energy Storage System Inc. is a vertically integrated energy storage system provider. We are in the process of setting up the vanadium mine to produce all-vanadium electrolyte for the use in CELLCUBE flow batteries, exclusively. This way we can eliminate margin stacking along the supply chain and deliver best value for our customer base. In addition we deliver a horizontal integrated approach to value with BoS.

Do you think the transfer from Lithium to Vanadium is approaching faster than we think?

This is an excellent question. As we are all aware, leading regional energy storage markets are changing from a need for power centric energy storage in large grid applications (FR, T&D grid quality support, etc.) to a much larger energy centric storage market everything from peaking power conversion to storage, multi-hour DER to off-grid applications. We appreciate recent articles about the peaker plant future in California. Within this context the resource adequacy paradigm strengthens our approach to deliver the flow battery technology from 4-8 or even 10-100 hours as long as the commercial character can be constructed.

 CellCube rivals  other company's approach towards stationary energy storage market share. In energy centric market segments (like much larger than the size for power centric applications in terms of MWh’s installed) CELLCUBE flow batteries show substantial advantages for long duration storage following down the capacity market segment merit order in price/kWh and demand for more than 4 hour durations, thus making a viable case for flow deployments. The myth about high cost flow batteries should be seriously tested when talking at least about our CELLCUBE offering and I would add that the tipping point for Lithium versus flow might be earlier than expected.

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Enerox, (formerly GILDEMEISTER energy solutions GmbH) is a globally active service provider in the renewable energy sector with headquarters in Würzburg (Bavaria). From development and construction of turnkey large free-space solar parks (utility scale), operation and maintenance (energy and services) to comprehensive energy solutions for industrial applications (energy efficiency), Enerox is our partner of choice.

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EnerCube, (formerly Jet Power and Controls) is a leading-edge provider of custom and off-the-shelf electrical equipment and systems. It has been providing innovative and high quality products for over ten years to heavy power users, pipeline companies, refineries, manufacturers, municipalities and infrastructure providers. It offers a “one stop shop” to its customers in terms of complete turn-key engineering & electrical solutions and equipment. Its key products include electrical switchgear, motor control switchers, and solar power inverters.

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PowerHaz designs temporary and mobile power products that are used on industrial and construction sites for shut- downs, turnarounds and large-scale construction demolition. Companies need a variety of power products that are safe, durable, versatile, easy to use and ready for hazardous (classified) locations or non-hazardous environments. PowerHaz recognizes customers’ needs for temporary power products and has developed expertise in designing and manufacturing such products that accomplish the job in a safe and secure manner.