Financing Solar and Energy Storage Systems

CellCube is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with, and investment in, Braggawatt Energy Inc. Braggawatt provides financing through an online platform that allows corporations and non-profit organizations to effectively adopt cost-saving onsite energy solutions.

"We are transforming how distributed energy projects are originated, underwritten, financed, and implemented by empowering systems integrators, end-customers and asset investors as well as now product manufacturers to collaborate via our online platform." - Trey Ramsey, Braggawatt's CEO.

"CellCube is very pleased to invest in Braggawatt.  Both companies will work together to develop unique finance products for our CellCube energy storage solutions. Our working relationship will help accelerate the adoption of high quality energy storage systems across many markets where enterprise and independent power generation customers can benefit from demand response, microgrid, and grid ancillary/capacity applications to secure energy cost-savings and pursue new revenue opportunities." - Stefan Schauss, President of CellCube.